Akasyusuji Hananoshi Shippo Moyozome Syuuyogi (Red Satin Cloisonne Nightgown)

This red cloisonne garment was produced by a beautiful Japanese dyeing technique to create Hitta Shibori, so-called because its pattern resembles the delicate white spots found on the back of a fawn. On this gown, the white pattern exhibits a fine and clear harmony, while its embroidery features plums, wisterias, peonies, chrysanthemums, and flower-patterned paper strips used in gift-wrapping.

The gown appears to have been made in the early- to mid-18th century (between the Kyōhō and Enkyō eras) and is thought to have been owned by Princess Tsune, the wife of the seventh Maeda lord, Munetoki.